Shopping, which should be a fun and frivolous form of expression, has become a chore of choice between male or female identification for many members of the LGBTQ community.


Stitch Fix, an online personal shopping service, recognizes the need to be true to yourself, however you imagine it, and encourages followers to BREAK OUT and BE YOU.


Stitch Fix will partner with the Atlanta Pride March, one of the largest in the country, to promote gender non-conformity and fashion equality. For the 2018 Pride year, Stitch Fix will transform its logo in support of the LGBTQ community.


Digital ads will tease the partnership for the upcoming Pride March.


Stitch Fix will launch their campaign with a non-gender affiliate option when signing up for its customizable clothing services.

Instead of being lead through the typical male or female track, users will have the option to select more gender neutral items and choose their preference of sizing without being confined to a specific gender.


Current and new members to Stitch Fix can use code BREAKOUT at checkout to receive a free, limited edition Pride item for the 2018 Atlanta Pride March.


New packaging for boxes that have selected the BREAKOUT option, encourage members to embrace who they are.



Each box can be repurposed as a protest sign for the 2018 Atlanta Pride March.


Pop up dressing rooms will allow Pride Marchers to test out some of the
new non-gender apparel and fun flare for the day.


Snapchat users will be able to activate the Break Out. Be You. filter to post from the Pride March.